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moms & dads of toddlers

WE enjoy seeing toddlers come to Acorn Dental for the first time.  Generally, we like to see these little ones when they have all their baby teeth in.  Usually that is between 2 and 3 years old.  If there is a concern earlier, by all means, call us and Dr Van will take a look.  So now your precious toddler eagerly awaits a new adventure called “visiting the dentist.”  Dr. Van sometimes  suggests to the parent to hold their child on their lap.  This is a comfortable way for them to get the feel for this new environment.  Of course, curiosity is major for this little one.  Touching and feeling the instruments is so much fun.  “Open wide” is often followed by “closing tightly.”  That’s ok.  “There is nothing more exciting than seeing a young child for the first time and earning their trust,” Dr. Van Istendal exclaims.  A warm welcome from our family to your family.


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